Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Spring and We Have a Project!!

I have been terrible about keeping the postings up to date, so I decided I better try a little harder. Things have been pretty uneventful around here since we got back from Africa, but now things are gearing up. We added on to our house seven years ago and we have never finished the back yard. It has been nothing but dirt and weeds. The progress has been slow. Obviously some of us have been uninspired to get things done. (I am not mentioning any names!!! ) It seems like we get one step done each summer. Last year we got the posts set for the new fence and concrete poured around them. I thought we were making good progress and hoped we would get it completed. BUT, that's where it ended.....for year six.

This year that certain someone whom I didn't name before, told me Monday that he ordered sod grass and it will be delivered today!! I am so excited. I want my yard to look good. I can't wait to fix it all up. So Monday, Justin and I got out there and raked up all the sticks, leaves and rocks. Justin hauled off a bunch of junk and tilled everything. Today he will fertilize and Thursday and Friday, he is going to lay the grass.

We decided we are going to do a metal fence instead of a wood fence. Justin thinks it will last a lot longer and we have seen some that look really nice. So, is it POSSIBLE that we will get our yard done this summer????? I have HIGH expectations! I think we can... I think we can.... I think we can!!