Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister!!!

Today is Lisa's 48th birthday!! Oops, was I suppose to say how old she is??? We are all going to go out to eat together tonight and celebrate at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Canton. We have shared some really fun times together, but one of my all time favorites was when we went to Africa together. Below are some of my favorite pictures from that trip of the two of us.

I usually get funny cards, but today I guess I was feeling a little sentimental. This is what the birthday card I bought for her said:

We are Sisters...our memories filled with the same images of family pets and Halloween costumes, holiday gatherings, and long car trips. Sisters....with our own world of negotiations, truces, pacts, secrets and looks of shared understanding (we do this one a lot!), united by a million everyday moments that became a lifetime of sharing. We are Sisters....and we need never ask ourselves who we are, for in each other we can see the girls we were, the women we've become, how far we've traveled in our journey together. And we know what only Sisters can know...that a love that grows through stages and phases is stronger for having been tested. That sticking together works for almost anything life can throw at us. That we belong to each other in a way that we can never belong to anyone a way that is deep and lasting and real.


Getting Ready for a Wedding!!

We are so excited about the upcoming wedding of our youngest son Daniel and his fiance' Miss Kensi Davis. We have had fun for months planning and dreaming and now it is just about a month away. Needless to say it will envolve our whole family from Austin and Tyler being groomsmen and Sara a bridesmaid and last but certainly not least Emma and Ella will be flowergirls. They are so excited! The wedding will be in Wichita at the Grace Presbyterian Church and the reception will be at the Boathouse on the river in downtown Wichita on October 8th.

Here are just a small sampling of the engagement pictures that they took.

This is a picture of the Boathouse where the reception will be held. We saw it in person and I love the wrap around porch. I can already envision what it will look like on the day with all the lights and decorations.

This picture frame has been in the Davis family for a lot of years. It has a lot of sentimental value and got passed down to Kensi. Her aunt used it to frame one of the engagement pictures and gave to them (Not this picture, this was just for fun and NO Kensi does not wear glasses, they were just being goofy). What a special keep sake that will be.