Monday, March 9, 2009

All Day at Church

We had a full day at church yesterday. We started our Spring Bible Conference with Pastor Terry Hunt. He has already challenged us with some excellent messages. At 1:30 there was a baby shower that I was a hostess for and before that was completely over, we started our Team Uganda mission report at 3:00. I was very excited to see the dining hall packed out with people that were interested to hear what we had experienced while in Uganda. We all had a great time sharing what we had seen and heard and how God had moved. It was really hard to condense it down into a couple of minutes each, but we tried to relay the most important things.

Justin and I had a real interesting time trying to put the video together for our report. For some odd reason they picked us for that job and we neither one knew what we were doing. We started early Saturday morning with a program called Roxio then we decided maybe we needed to just use power point. When Brad and Marshalene came to pick up Hunter that night, she tried to make heads or tails out of what we were working on. I think it might of even overwhelmed her at the hodge-podge we had come up with. She ended up saying " well if you still need help in the morning, we will see what we can put together." I finally gave up and went to bed and Justin stayed up for quite a while working on it.
We started over several times and finally ended up with the Roxio photoshow we started out with in the very beginning. It ended up being about 20 minutes long and everyone seemed to enjoy it. If you are interested in viewing it you can click on this web-site: Team Uganda 09 . We didn't finish visiting with everyone until 5:30 and I was supposed to be at choir practice at 5:45, so why bother leaving!

After evening church we were invited to have Q & A with Pastor Terry in the dining hall. Just a few stayed and we had a very interesting discussion that got pretty deep. We didn't get home until almost 9:00. It was a great day and I enjoyed being at church all day.

Today after school, Holly will be coming over. We try to meet once a week to share together. We just started a new book called Wise Up! Experiencing the Power of Proverbs by Rebecca Ingram Powell. It is for 12 to 13 year old girls dealing with questions that that age girls are asking. I love our time together, and have really enjoyed being a mentor, but this is a challenge for me because I have decided I would do the memorization part with her. I am trying to memorize Deuteronomy 30: 15-20. You may think that is just 5 verses, what's the problem? Well my brain doesn't retain things like it used to! So all morning long I have been repeating and repeating the first part of the verse. WHEWWW!! I WILL MAKE IT! I WILL! I can do it! I just have to keep telling myself that.

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