Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes you just have to wonder!

You think you have your kids raised and out of the house and life takes a turn you weren't counting on and it leaves you wondering " Will my kids ever get settled and be independent?" About a month ago, through no fault of his own and because of the economic crunch, Tyler got laid off. He has been applying everywhere he can think of in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid and even here at home in Fairview. Of course there are so many in the same situation that the job opportunities are few and far between and he has had no luck in getting a job. We have now made the decision that if he doesn't get something by the end of the week that he will move back in with us until he can find something. The unemployment checks haven't arrived yet and we had to help with his bills this month and our budget won't allow that to continue indefinitely. It's been pretty frustrating for Tyler. I know there is something out there for him somewhere, he just has to be patient.

Between Tyler and Daniel we keep going back and forth between being settled in a job and place to live and being uprooted. Now Daniel seems to be settled in his Deputy Sheriff's job and we are going to Wichita tomorrow to move him into an apartment. I'm ready for both of them to park it somewhere and stay for a while. I guess a parent's job is never done.

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