Saturday, July 4, 2009

And the Verdict Is............

I had a fun afternoon at the lake with a few friends. Debbie had just got a different boat and invited Melvena, Linda and I to go out for some fun. I was determined that I was going to ski since I haven't done it in probably 15 years. Not only did I intend to ski, but I was only going to slalom. That is all I ever did before. To my disappointment I was unable to get up. The very first try, the rope pulled the muscles in my forearms and I was instantly in pain. I tried a couple more times, but it was too late. I had already messed myself up to bad. I hate the realization that I am not able to do some of the things I was able to do when I was younger. In fact it makes me down right mad! This is Debbie and Linda getting us ready to go out.

After I tried to ski, I was exhausted so we went out in the middle, grabbed a life jacket and jumped out in the water and just chilled out for a while.

My arms were still hurting, but I decided I wasn't going to let it ruin the rest of the day. We threw out the tube and Linda and I got on. It's a good thing we put on our chapstick before we got started, because we kissed the water pretty good a couple of times. Arms and legs went flying!

We tried riding that tube lying down and on our knees and sitting up. Then we tried each of us doing different things at the same time.

We had a lot of fun, got some good sun and wore ourselves out. That was Thursday when we went. Today, two days later, I am so sore I can barely move, but it was worth it!

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