Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Emma and Ella are taking swimming lessons this week. Sara had appointments this morning so I got to take the girls. They love the water and are having so much fun with the girls that are teaching them.

Hunter went with us and he is not to fond of the water. I did persuade him to get his feet in the water, but I should have known with his leg problem he would fall and he did. He got his clothes all wet and I had to strip him down. He was definitely ready to go bye-bye after that and he let me know it too! He didn't cry, but he was adamant about leaving.

At the end of lessons the girls got to go down the big red slide. Emma loved it, but Ella was not very excited. It took a lot of coaxing and determination, but she did it and loved it!

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Lisa said...

Addison's doing swim lessons this week also. She, like Ella, was not too thrilled about the slide, but once she did it, she loved it! I wish I would've had my camera.