Monday, November 22, 2010

50 Years

We have been planning a 50th reception for Mom and Dad for several months now. We were so excited when it all came together Saturday and all the guests arrived. Lisa and I worked some long hours on Friday decorating and trying to decide exactly how things should be done. We decorated, tore off and re-did a few times, sat and pondered and finally congratulated ourselves on a job well done. (Nothing like tooting your own horn!!! ) We also prepared a meal for extended family members that would be traveling. When Mom and Dad walked in and saw the room, they were a bit overwhelmed.

We are so proud that they have made 50 years. Not a lot of people can say that any more. We had a great day celebrating.

The cake was absolutely beautiful and we were so excited with the way it all turned out.

Kensi, (Daniel's girlfriend) Sara and Amy served the cake and punch.

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