Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There's A New Hurst In Town

October has been a blur in the Hurst household!! We have been so busy getting Daniel and his beautiful bride married. It has been a wonderful time in our family and we are so blessed to have another sweet daughter-in-love!! Yes, it's love, not law! Here is just a sample of pictures from our fun weekend October 8th.

Kensi and her Dad as they walked down the aisle. She looked beautiful!!

Daniel was fighting tears when he saw her for the first time. The tears won!! I am so glad they didn't take pictures together before the wedding. Call me old fashioned!!

The excited mothers waiting for the wedding to start!

Watching the photographer taking pictures of our side of the family (and waiting for their turn) before the wedding.

Dancing at the reception!! So much fun!

At the end of our Mother - Son dance and a good cry! It was such an emotional day. Daniel and I both cried a lot! Happy tears, though!

Papa dancing with his Jelly Bean!

This is the only catastrophy that happened. The cake fell apart during transport to the reception and couldn't be saved. Only the 6" top cake survived. The poor lady that was delivering the cake was hyperventalating by the time she got there. The only thing that could be done as late as it was, was to go to Wal-Mart and buy some cupcakes. Kensi handled it very well. Her reaction was "Oh well, I got Daniel, that's all I need!" So glad she wasn't a bridezilla about it!


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Lisa said...

You looked beautiful Jodi! Hopefully things slow down for you a little now that it's over!