Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 1: Starting from Scratch!

Well, here goes. I've been reading other blogs and have really enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a try. I've never been much on journaling or writing, but I started in August after I found out I would be going on the Mission trip to Uganda. I decided it might be faster and easier to blog instead of writing everything out by hand. I was really wanting to keep track of everything that happened between now and then, so I could look back and see how God put everything together. It's only been a short time and already I am amazed at the way God is working. Not only about the mission trip, but also through Women's Bible studies and it seems every area of my life.

Tyler will be coming home today for Thanksgiving. It will be good to have him home. He hasn't been home for a month. Daniel will be here Thursday morning and will meet us at Justin's folks house. It's been almost two months since he has been home. I really have missed them both and I'm looking forward to spending time together as a family and catch up on what's been going on.

Today Ella and I have been hanging out. She is so much fun! Hunter didn't get to come today, since he was running a fever when he got up today. Ella has been missing him terribly. She keeps asking "Where's Hunter?" I hope he feels better by tomorrow. Emma will be here after school in just a few minutes, so I better wrap this up for now. We will need to spend some one on one time since Ella is taking a nap right now.


Amy said...

Love it! Way to go! Have a great afternoon!!

Sweet Pea said...

Look at you go!! I love it!! So glad you started a blog. I love blogging...it's therapy for me on some days just to be able to sit down and put my thoughts down somewhere. Hunter still is a sick little man and has been very fussy this afternoon. We're hoping for a better day tomorrow. Thanks again for bringing the pediolight (SP?) over this morning. He loves that stuff!