Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Wedding

Austin and his family was very busy this last Saturday getting Nicholas and Brook married off. Sara did all the bridesmaids hair and Emma and Ella's as well. Austin and Nicholas have been best friends all through High School and they were each others best man at their weddings. Emma was the bell ringer and she did a great job, but she is shy and got her job over with as quickly as possible. It didn't take her long to make her way down the aisle ringing the bell.

The picture is blurry, because I got a new camera and I'm still learning how to use it. (Sorry)
Ella was the flower girl and she also did a great job. She took her job very seriously and took her time doing it. She would grab a whole handful of petals and throw them down all at once and then stand there and look at them for a few seconds and then do it all again. It was the cutest thing!

This is the finished product, but trying to get to this point was fun. They came to stay with us early Saturday morning so Sara could get started doing everyone else's hair and Austin went to breakfast with all the groomsmen.
The girls always want something to eat the minute they get to our house. Ella's favorite thing to say is "Grammy, I want someping else." That means I want a snack. So Papa got busy and made homemade waffles for breakfast. Then they had baths and played for a little while and then we had to go to the shop and get their hair fixed.

Emma is such a girly girl and loves getting all dolled up. She cracks me up! She is so prissy. Ella is hard to hold down long enough to do anything with her hair, but she does tell me every once in a while she wants a po tail. (ponytail) They were excited to pose for the camera after they got their hair done.

This is a picture of Austin and his High School friends, who were all groomsmen. Eli, he used to come to our house everyday and eat lunch with Austin. Micah, Clint and Austin. They all graduated together. Eli is married, but Micah and Clint like the single life I guess. I asked them who was going to be next and they both just laughed at me. I just love these guys. They are all very special to me. They all looked so handsome in their tuxs.

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