Monday, October 12, 2009


Yesterday's lesson in the Beth Moore study of Esther spoke volumes to me. I'm constantly amazed at how God works. Why, I don't know, I shouldn't be. God is good! After putting pen to paper, so to speak, in my previous post, God has been speaking to me in various different ways. Here is a portion of what Beth had to say on day four of our lesson this week.

Not only are you royalty, (the daughter of the King), but you also have been placed in your sphere of influence, regardless of the size you perceive it to be, "for such a time as this." Ecclesiastes 3:2 tells us there is "a time to be born and a time to die." God cut out those exact perimeters for you and me on the kingdom calendar so that we would be positioned on earth right now. Likewise,, Acts 17:26 tells us unflinchingly that God "determined the times set for [us] and the exact place that [we] should live. It is our destiny.

We can refuse to walk in obedience to God or cower in fear from our calling and He will undoubtedly still accomplish His agenda.

WOW!!! I've always said I'm so glad God knows what we need, exactly when we need it. Now my job is to be diligent in seeking Him to find out what His will is for my life at this very moment "for such a time as this." I am praying for open doors and that He will reveal to me what my passion is i
n my sphere of influence, regardless of the size I perceive it to be.

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