Saturday, January 10, 2009


We are on a count down to February 10th when we leave to go to Uganda! One month from today. Pat hosted a brunch this morning to introduce the team and raise awareness about our trip. There were several people there and Pat did an awesome job on the food. She even made an African Peanut soup to wet our appetite for the foods we might be eating while there. It was not quite my favorite taste, kind of sweet. I may end up losing weight after all. I think everyone is getting excited to go and we just enjoyed being together talking about it for a while. The whole team was there with the exception of Diana and Byron.

Back row: Don, Justin, Elton, Leon, Randy. Front row: Lisa, Jodi, Pat, Karen and Betty.
Check out the new blog for our team. I have added it to my blog list at the right.

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