Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Fish Fry

For Memorial Day we invited all of Justin's family over for a fish fry. We had a really good day with lot's of really good food. I had made four freezers of ice cream on Sunday so I could please everyone's tastes. I made two Butterfinger, one peach and one vanilla and there is very little of any of them left. My nephew Taylor only likes vanilla and the poor guy always gets left out, because no one ever makes just plain vanilla, so I decided it was his turn.

Everyone in the whole family was able to come, except for Daniel, who had to work this weekend and our brother-in-law Mike. His mother has been battling cancer for almost 10 years now and is coming to the end of that long fight. He was planning on coming until this morning when he got the call that she had a really bad night last night and was in a lot of pain. They decided they would do a CT scan this morning and when he got to the hospital, decided he had better stay there with his Dad and Sister. They had to go back to Tulsa this evening, because the girls still have four more days of school. I'm sure it will be hard to leave since they don't seem to know what the next hours or days will hold for his mother.

We spent a lot of time visiting around the table. We always find things to laugh about. In the afternoon, the guys went out to the shooting range and shot their guns. They had to quit, because it started raining. I think they were hoping to stay out there a while longer, but they had a good time while it lasted.

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