Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Great Day!

Today was a wonderful day. We slept in until 9:00, which is unheard of for us. We always wake up at the crack of dawn or before. It is really the pits getting older. Your internal clock just thinks you need to be up and getting things done. So we were surprised we slept as long as we did.

Then we sat and watched our favorite Saturday morning cooking shows, however there wasn't anything they were cooking this morning that was interesting to us, so I got my work clothes on and headed out to the garage and decided since the sun was out and there was no chance of rain for the next 7 days, today was the day to get our nasty vehicles cleaned up. I've been wanting to do it for about a month now, but every time I think I might have a chance, it decides to start raining again, so what's the use. It took me almost all day long to get both vehicles cleaned up inside and out. While I was working on the cars, Justin thought he would tear into the garage and the storage room. He gave it a good spring cleaning. We felt like we really got something accomplished today and boy does it feel good!

We were really hungry after all that work, so we went to help our favorite restaurant, El Charro, celebrate their 15th anniversary. On the way there we tried to figure out how much money we had spent there over the last 15 years. A LOT! If everyone is as faithful as we are about going once every week or two, it's no wonder they are enjoying a great successful business. They know us so well there, they don't even ask us what we want. They just know that Justin has a large glass of water and I have a large glass of tea and a large guacamole to start with. The rest of the order usually varies, but that much is always the same. Since they were celebrating their anniversary, they had a live mariachi band there performing and free cake or sopapillas and free T-shirts for everyone. It was a lot of fun and the mariachi band was great! (Very loud, but great!)

It was just a good day all the way around. I think the sunshine has done wonders for my spirit. It is amazing how you can feel so down when it is cloudy and rainy for so long. Oh! How I love a sunny day!

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