Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another new job for Daniel

Last Thursday Daniel called and said "Mom, I got a new job!" I was confused because he had just started a new job a week before that, but with Daniel everyday is a brand new day and you never know what to expect. He informed me he was going to be a Deputy Sheriff for Butler County in Kansas, which was what he was wanting to do all along, but was having trouble getting his foot in the door. I have to admit it really makes me nervous, but I know that he is in God's hands and I had to realize I was not in control of his decisions anymore. Once a mom, always a mom! I will have to hit my knees and pray for his protection everyday. I know he is happy being in Wichita and having this chance, so I am happy for him. Anyway today is his first day on the job and I am anxiously awaiting his call to hear how things went. I am sure he will have some interesting stories to tell in the coming months.

Austin and Sara are basking in the sun in Cancun. I'm so jealous since we are covered up with snow. Our driveway is a solid sheet of ice. Emma and Ella stayed with us Tuesday night and they will be with Sara's parents for the next two days and then back with us for the rest of the week. Ella decided she was going to check out my nativity seen Tuesday, which is made of porcelain. Somehow, one of the wise men lost his head. She had climbed up in the rocking chair and gotten it down and I'm not sure whether she dropped it or stomped it, but it was broken in three pieces. She ran in the kitchen saying "Sowwy, Gwammy, Sowwy!!" How could I get mad at her, she is so stinkin cute! I tried not to be upset, but it was a nativity scene my mother-in-law had given me early in our marriage and I really liked it. I loved on her and told her it was alright, but that she cannot be playing with Grammy's decorations. I think I will be able to glue it back together. We are just creating memories!! In a few years when I put out the nativity scene, we can laugh and say "remember when Ella stomped the wise man?" I have to remind myself, pick your battles, it will still be Christmas even with a broken wise man.

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Sweet Pea said...

Hopefully Hunter won't destroy any of your stuff. :) You won't have to worry about him stomping something, but eating it. :) Everything goes to the mouth at this point!
So glad for Daniel. Hope his job is fullfilling to him.