Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Tour of My Home

After reading Marybeth Whalen and Lysa TerKuerst's blogs, I decided I would do what they were doing: A tour of my home decorated for Christmas. They come up with such good ideas. It's really fun to see everyone's blogs that have participated and see the different ways people love to decorate. Here is my most favorite decorations, my granddaughters, Emma and Ella.

Our Christmas tree with some ornaments my kids made through the years!

The cookie jar lid my mom painted and I have had these reindeer since Justin and I got married.

My nativity scenes. My mother-in-law gave both of them to me.

My mom painted this in her painting class a few years ago.

Here is the new center piece I got after reading Marybeth Whalen's book A Recipe for Joy at Christmas. Amy and I used this for Bible study as the presentation for keeping Jesus as the center piece of your Christmas. I read the story of the candy cane and then found these candles and decided it would be a nice touch to my new center piece.

This glass block with lights was made by my friend Shari. Isn't it beautiful? She is so crafty!

These are just a few of my decorations that I love to use each year. Amy and I were going to host a Peppermint Tea at my house tonight for our Bible Study group and I thought I was going to get to show them off, but the weather has turned off bad and too many scheduling conflicts made us decide to try to have it after Christmas sometime. We were so excited and was really looking forward to it. We had come up with so many recipes we wanted to try. We'll just have to keep them handy for later.

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Amy said...

Love it! Too bad we couldn't have our Peppermint Tea tonight! :( We can't let this one get by without doing it! I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT JANUARY!!