Monday, December 8, 2008

Kylee the Dental Assistant

My niece Kylee has been working at a Dentist's office for the last year and a half and needed to take a class on polishing. So since I have perfect teeth (HA HA) she asked me to be her patient for the test she had to take this weekend. I had to go Thursday so the Dentist she works for could check me out to make sure I was a good candidate for the job and I passed with flying colors. So we left Friday morning since of course you can't go to OKC without doing some shopping and she had to be at her class at 8:00 on Saturday morning, so we couldn't get up that early to drive on the same day! We shopped all afternoon and when Tyler got off of work he met us at the Cheesecake Factory for Supper. It was sooo... good. We had Cajun chicken littles (Chicken strips), garlic mashed potatoes and corn succotash and of course a piece of cheesecake. However, we were so full we had to take our dessert home for later. We decided we would go to the movie at the new Warren Theatre in Moore since we were going to stay with Tyler Friday night and we went to see Australia. A very good movie. We all three enjoyed it very much.

Saturday I dropped Kylee off at her class in downtown OKC and went back and got Tyler and we spent the day shopping again. I got most of my Christmas finished up that day. Picked up Kylee at 5:00 and dropped Tyler off at his apartment, since he didn't want to go with us because of the game, checked into our motel and Kylee and I went to Ted's for Mexican food. Kylee needed to study a bit for her test on Sunday, so we went back to the motel and we had lights out at 9:00. We were so tired. Sunday was D-Day! She had to take the test in the morning and then polish my teeth after lunch. She passed her written and did a great job on me. It was so neat getting to see her at work and realizing she is all grown up and is not a little girl running around anymore. We had a wonderful weekend and I was so glad I got to spend one on one time with her. That was a first for me! Thank you Kylee for thinking of me!

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